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October 3, 2022 Fast adoption, custom templates, and easy payroll. The story of RobertX and Corfix.

Rahul Rallan

Robert Excavating was founded in 1983 by Robert Bourdeau. Over the years they’ve expanded their services to include sewer and water main installation, stormwater management facilities, mass earth movement operations, and heavy equipment rentals.


The Challenge


Years of running a large and complex business dependent on using good ol’ paper had resulted in multiple pain points for RobertX. They came to Corfix for a solution, with a priority being the digitization of their cumbersome and antiquated paper systems.

For RobertX this meant streamlining the payroll workflow, making up-to-date documents like drawings and change orders available to everyone in real time, and preparing themselves to be COR compliant in the coming years. They test drove a few options on the market, and found onboarding to be a painful experience riddled with complexity and adoption issues. But spotting this M-Roc training video convinced RobertX to take the path of least worker resistance with Corfix.


The Solution


With Corfix, RobertX now has instantaneous, company-wide rollout of important information. Paper processes that took 3 to 4 days to implement are now compressed into something as easy as a few clicks.

Workers no longer have to manage a messy email inbox, downloading attachments and hoping they’re the most recent version. Corfix has digitized critical jobsite documents for RobertX across multiple projects, making compliance a right-now task, and not an end-of-the-week drag.

RobertX was able to use the Corfix template builder to easily reproduce their existing jobsite documents. This was imperative to the company in order to minimize disruption in the field, where some of the 25-year construction veterans would have trouble adopting entirely new systems.

Every good software rollout has a plan, and RobertX took a strategic, tiered approach to introducing their workers to Corfix. First they populated Corfix with existing binders & safety documents, so workers using them today could see the time savings they’d gain in the app. Next they built their templates and rolled out the app based on who needed to use it first.

Finally, support was a major factor. “We don’t buy software unless we know there’s real-person support,” said Bourdeau. Since then, the team at RobertX has worked with the Corfix Customer Success team to build new features, get live support to fix issues, and provide best practices for the product. You call, Corfix answers!


The Result


As with so many companies, the onset of Covid-19 brought about major changes in RobertX’s safety culture. Corfix plays a pivotal role in helping them identify potential improvements to their training systems, as well as implement new processes which are easier and more effective. The team finds it helpful to have all worker emergency information in one place, including allergies, emergency contacts, and nearest hospitals.

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