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Digital time tracking ensures time cards are up to date and accurate, with optional tools like batch entry of time cards by supervisors, GPS & Geofencing, automatic lunch removal, punch-in and -out questions and reminders.  Timekeeping data can be exported directly to payroll software, saving time and money.  No more math errors – our system combines worker hours across projects and job sites, at different pay rates and in different roles.


Everything workers need in the field –  safety manuals, blueprints, locates, machine operation instructions, schedules – is in the palm of their hands. Changes to documents happen  real-time, company-wide, eliminating confusion about which version of a document is the latest or most accurate.

Form Builder

Our easy-to-use form builder lets you duplicate any existing paper document, or create a custom form tailored to the needs of each site, project, or company.  Use photo fields, dropdown menus, conditional logic, mandatory and flagged fields and other tools to get all the info you need from employees, and nothing extraneous.


Forms are electronically sent and signed, and instantly available to the office, giving you 100% visibility.  Documents are aggregated to the project and worker(s) so it’s easy to assemble a paper trail and demonstrator compliance come audit time.


Our digital certification wallet gives wider access to a worker’s certifications and automatic expiration tracking.  Relying solely on workers to present their certifications and track expiry can lead to work stoppages or fines.

Dashboards and Reports

A simple and customizable dashboard featuring reports on the metrics that matter most to you, such as tracking complete and incomplete safety documentation. KPI is constantly being collected, so you can generate shareable reports on any issue of interest and make data-driven decisions.


All data for a project is aggregated and compartmentalized by linking tasks, forms, workers, hours and more to a project. Get a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening on the job site from anywhere with real-time updates, including photos and notes from the field.  Additional key project information including general contractors, sub contractors, and the nearest hospital to each project is easily available at a click of a button. 


Get a comprehensive overview of workers’ historical data, including certifications, emergency contacts, current and past projects, tasks assigned to them, forms they’ve filled out, hours worked.


A two-way communication log in which tasks are assigned, accepted, and completed to provide clarity on assignments and provide a searchable single source of truth.

Teams who trust Corfix

BASSI logo
“My favourite thing about Corfix as a manager is I can open it at any point during the day and get an accurate snapshot of what’s happening.”

Scott Jenkins, Bassi Construction LP

Merit Contracting logo
“There was nothing out there that could be customized to really meet our needs. I’m at the age now where I don’t want to make more work for myself, I want to work smart. Corfix is how we’re preparing for the future.”

Mike Carter, Merit Contracting

“If you took the best aspects from all the platforms out there and combined them together into one tool, you’ve got Corfix.”

Michael Cutrone, PSCI

Noremac Drillers logo
“If government people come by we have documents ready to go. It’s like everyone is carrying a giant binder pretty much.”

Nick Anderson, Noremac

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