* Must be a new business contact for Corfix and the contact must use their business email to book the demo. In order to qualify for the $100 gift card, a demo must be completed with a Corfix account executive as well as at least one of the following company representatives: Health & Safety Manager, Owner, President, General Manager, Director/VP Operations. Contacts are in no way obligated to purchase the product after the demo.

Corfix was built with you in mind.

Owners / GCs

With customized project snapshots and easily accessible project information, you can focus on overseeing progress and making informed decisions.

Safety Managers

With a strong emphasis on safety documentation and compliance, Corfix is well-suited for safety managers looking to maintain and monitor safety standards on construction sites.

Office / Payroll Admins

We focus on making office and payroll admin tasks simpler, with powerful integrations and digital tools to bridge the gap between the office and the field.

Field Workers

The user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility of Corfix make it suitable for on-site construction workers who need to access and manage documents and certifications.

Making the jobsite safer with easier construction management

A solution designed by former construction workers to improve safety, productivity, and regulatory compliance on the jobsite.

Image of Corfix safety certifications dashboard with examples of fall protection, WHMIS, and Worker Awareness

Construction Management at a Glance

With our customized dashboards and reports, you can make better data-driven decisions and keep your finger on the pulse of the jobsite from your desktop or phone.

mobile construction management app showing the form feature

Eliminate Paper in the Field

Easily create digital versions of all of your typical jobsite forms, including ones with conditional logic and drop down menus. Send, sign, and file, your documents electronically from anywhere in real time.

Showing the Timecards feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Accurate Hours Across Sites

With features like geofencing, punch-in and -out reminders, and automatic lunch removal, time cards are filled out right the first time. Integrations with popular accounting and payroll software make time tracking a breeze.

Corfix is the best solution for construction management

Corfix is the best option for jobsites looking for a simple, yet comprehensive, tool that not only manages safety documentation but also enhances overall jobsite productivity and compliance.

Corfix awarded Capterra Best Value product in 2023 Corfix awarded Capterra Best Ease of Use product in 2023