Digital construction binder screen in the Corfix construction management mobile app and software

Digitize your paperwork

You’ve got to have them, and you can never find them: those dusty, old, white SDS binders.

Make all that essential info, from policies and manuals to blueprints and locates, easily accessible to every employee with a digital binder.

Create a QR code and assign Binder resources to it, allowing anyone on site to access relevant safety documentation.

Search for, update, or create a new digital binder in the Corfix document management mobile app

Make Updates in Real-time

Updates to digital binders can be made remotely and immediately within the app, instead of relying on printing, photocopying, and driving to jobsites to replace outdated information.

Everyone is on the same page, as only the most recent and relevant version of a document will exist, and it’s distributed company-wide in an instant.

Sign off on forms within the binder, including company policy documents or safe work practices.

Key Corfix software provider integrations like Adobe Reader and Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets


Our digital binder software integrates with your favourite day-to-day tools like Google Sheets, PDFs, and Excel so your employees are armed with all the information they need.

Have one central source for resources to avoid confusion and contradiction.

See Corfix in action

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Showing the binder keyword search feature in the Corfix construction management mobile app

Easy to find,
easy to hide

Keyword search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for – much faster than flipping through a physical binder.

Assign different degrees of security and discretion to specific resources to keep sensitive data need-to-know.

Use Binders to…

In your pocket instead of collecting dust at bottom of a filing cabinet

Remote and real-time alteration eliminates confusion and obsolete information

Compliance 101 means your employees know where the SDS are at any given time

Give them the tools they need to do their job safely and successfully, like manuals and policies

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