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How we built Corfix Our story

Born on the jobsite, built for the jobsite. Corfix was founded by former construction workers who saw a gap in the industry and created a tool to fill it in. Our CEO was employed as an ironworker when the seed for Corfix was planted, as he witnessed many inefficiencies in the construction industry. With his innate entrepreneurial spirit, he created partnerships and began building an app which could help him and others like him to close the gaps he’d seen on the jobsite. In 2019 he suffered a severe workplace accident that almost cost him his leg. True to form, this adversity became motivation for him to leave his job and fast-track his plans to create Corfix.

Using decades of hands-on experience, we help construction companies streamline jobsite paperwork using technology they already have. We promote data accessibility to foster transparency and communication, both in and outside your company. We’re here to help you build your safety culture with an eye to the bottom line.

No one understands the unique needs of your business better than us – because we’ve been in your business. It shows in our product, which is easy to adopt, user-friendly, and thoughtfully designed to help you get the job done without getting in your way.

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