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Choose between time card and punch clock to tailor your timekeeping to your needs. Get as fixed or as flexible as you want, with optional Geofencing, automatic lunch removal, punch-in and -out reminders and more. Reduce your payroll time and costs by eliminating manual entry, lost paper, and human error, as employee hours are automatically calculated across different job sites, different roles, and different rates of pay.


Corfix grants you instant access and visibility into a worker’s daily activity, including projects they’re assigned to and their pay rate(s), allowing you to easily identify time theft and inconsistencies in entering hours.

We also integrate seamlessly with your accounting software so data can be easily exported, saving you time and rework.

Teams who trust Corfix

BASSI logo
“My favourite thing about Corfix as a manager is I can open it at any point during the day and get an accurate snapshot of what’s happening.”

Scott Jenkins, Bassi Construction LP

Merit Contracting logo
“There was nothing out there that could be customized to really meet our needs. I’m at the age now where I don’t want to make more work for myself, I want to work smart. Corfix is how we’re preparing for the future.”

Mike Carter, Merit Contracting

“If you took the best aspects from all the platforms out there and combined them together into one tool, you’ve got Corfix.”

Michael Cutrone, PSCI

Noremac Drillers logo
“If government people come by we have documents ready to go. It’s like everyone is carrying a giant binder pretty much.”

Nick Anderson, Noremac

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