Showing the Timecards feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Forms and time tracking

Corfix makes it easier to do your job, and get paid for doing it. Forms are simple to fill out, with dropdown menus and photo fields, so you waste less time on paperwork. Electronic signatures and submissions means less driving around and less waiting. Offline mode eliminates disruption when internet access is limited so it’s business as usual, even when you’re working underground.

Submit your hours in real-time, across different projects and sites, and in different roles at different pay rates. Everything is tracked and calculated for you. You can even revisit and edit time cards after submission to make changes.

Showing expiring certificates in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Certification management

Your certifications can be uploaded from your phone to the office, saving you a trip. When you need proof of certification, not only do your site supervisor, project manager, and office admin have their own copy, but you have an easy-to-access version on you at all times for third-party inspection.

Expiration dates are automatically tracked so you’re never caught with an invalid certification. Training can be scheduled proactively and at your convenience, avoiding fines and work stoppages.

Showing the project overview feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Projects and Tasks

Tasks are written and assigned electronically, giving you clarity about essential facts like due date, priority, and which employees are responsible for completion.

Featuring two-way communication so you can track requests and issues. Confusion and misunderstandings are eliminated with a written record of tasks assigned and any action completed by any employee. You can even include pictures and forms to demonstrate you’ve completed the task.

Digital construction binder screen in the Corfix construction management mobile app and software

Digital binders

All the information you need to keep close at hand is in your pocket with Corfix. Manuals, blueprints, locates, and safety plans: everything that used to live in a dusty old white binder is now digital and at your fingertips.

Document version control is also simplified, so there’s no more confusion about which document or plan is the latest – only the most recent and relevant will be available.

In-app chat

Stay connected during the work day with instant communication within the app. Share information in real-time, including forms, images, task updates, and even gifs! This unique feature allows for team discussions, quick decision-making, and immediate problem-solving.

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