Showing the critical data feature in the mobile app

Store critical data

Store critical worker data, including contact info, emergency contacts, medical concerns, and certifications.

Each worker’s digital paper trail, including forms they’ve signed and tasks they’ve been assigned, is available on the worker overview.

Showing the workers feature in the mobile app

Manage your workforce

Activate or archive workers instantly. New hires or layoffs take effect immediately, granting or withdrawing access to essential company information.

Accounts for seasonal workers can be temporarily suspended so you never lose worker data.

Showing the worker groups feature in the mobile app

Organize your crew

Create groups to organize workers by crew, subtrades, locations, divisions, territories, or projects.

You can then filter by any criteria – with one click you can see all active workers in the field, mapped out.

Showing the CSV import feature in the mobile app

Import spreadsheets

Easily import your existing worker spreadsheet or CSV to populate your Corfix account. Worker roster can also easily be exported and shared with third-parties, including their certifications.

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