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Track Certifications

Ensure your workers have the right certifications for the job with a digital wallet and expiration tracker linked to each worker account.  

Our system automatically tracks and notifies you about any upcoming expirations, letting you proactively schedule training and avoid fines.

When renewal time rolls around, simply send your worker a task to update their certification.


Simply upload photos of certifications right from a phone, without ever leaving the jobsite.

Not only do site supervisors, project managers, and office admin have their own copy of workers’ certs, but workers have an easy-to-access version on them at all times in case of third-party inspection.

Company Transparency

Proof of certification is accessible by everyone who needs it, from site supervisors and project managers and office admin. 

Work shouldn’t wait on one worker’s overstuffed wallet of certifications.

Export and Share

Export a list of all certifications of all employees to share with third-parties from health and safety inspectors to project managers.

With just a few clicks you have a CSV ready to email.

Sub Contractor Certifications

General Contractors can easily manage the certification status of all sub trades on their projects.

We know the challenges of limiting liability with employees outside your organization. Consider your a$$ covered.

Teams who trust Corfix

BASSI logo
“My favourite thing about Corfix as a manager is I can open it at any point during the day and get an accurate snapshot of what’s happening.”

Scott Jenkins, Bassi Construction LP

Merit Contracting logo
“There was nothing out there that could be customized to really meet our needs. I’m at the age now where I don’t want to make more work for myself, I want to work smart. Corfix is how we’re preparing for the future.”

Mike Carter, Merit Contracting

“If you took the best aspects from all the platforms out there and combined them together into one tool, you’ve got Corfix.”

Michael Cutrone, PSCI

Noremac Drillers logo
“If government people come by we have documents ready to go. It’s like everyone is carrying a giant binder pretty much.”

Nick Anderson, Noremac

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