Subcontractor management and collaboration

Bring different subtrades under the same organizational roof, subject to the same documentation processes, to build a unified and cohesive whole. Create custom levels of access to allow workers access to only what they need to know, and what you want them to see. Keep a sharable, digital record of the certifications of all subtrades on site, ensuring you’re compliant.

Showing the Form Builder feature in the mobile app


Achieve consistency by using standardized forms across all your subtrades. Once filled out, they’re immediately accessible to the office meaning information can be acted on sooner, stopping possible issues in their tracks. Required fields make for forms that are finished right the first time. No more missing info or chasing down employees for clarification, while photo fields give a better picture of what’s happening on site.

Dashboards and Reports

Visibility means accountability: stay informed about what your subtrades are doing with a customizable dashboard that offers you 360° oversight. Featuring a simple red-light green-light system to help direct your attention where and when it’s needed, you get a real-time overview of activity on the jobsite and see where your time should be spent.

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