Corfix vs. Procore

Procore targets a broader audience in the construction industry with its comprehensive tools for larger projects like financial planning, bid management, and RFI process management.

Corfix vs. SiteDocs

SiteDocs provides a digital solution for form collection, worker compliance, and actionable insights.

Corfix vs. Salus

Salus aims to streamline safety processes, such as protocols, training, incident reporting, and compliance documentation.

Corfix vs. eCompliance

eCompliance is a health and safety management software designed to enhance workplace safety across various industries.

Corfix vs. Raken

Raken is a mobile, cloud-based construction management app focused on improving reporting, time tracking, and communication.

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Document management made simple.

Time Tracking

Enhance construction site safety and efficiency through electronic time cards and real-time punch in/out features, empowering you to effortlessly monitor who’s on-site at any given moment.


Your critical health and safety documentation can be created, sent, and signed from a mobile device or desktop computer. Real-time accessibility for those who need them, when they need them.


Safeguard compliance with mobile-friendly certification document management, providing instant access to verified certifications. Share and manage certifications effortlessly, ensuring a secure and compliant workforce at all times.

Template Builder

Streamline safety documentation creation with our intuitive template builders, allowing you to construct robust safety documents effortlessly. Elevate your safety standards with templates for precise and consistent safety documentation.

Corfix is the best solution for your business.

Your complex, multi-solution processes are not cutting it. Corfix was designed for the complexities and realities of managing the construction site. Easily keep track of labour, tasks, certifications, and safety forms all in one place.

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