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November 1, 2022 Corfix is the ultimate tool for Providence Safety Consulting Inc.

Rahul Rallan

What do you look for in a customer service experience? If you’re Michael Cutrone, co-founder of safety consulting firm PSCI, it’s as simple as “be there when I need you, but I shouldn’t need you for long.”

The majority of PSCI’s clients are in the construction industry, with some industrial customers as well. But sharing an industry is where the similarities end; they work with companies of all sizes, and in varied capacities.

Having an in-house safety person may not be warranted for small companies, so PSCI fills that role. For larger companies, which have dedicated full- or part-time safety personnel, PSCI assists to ensure safety programs are compliant, conduct safety talks and training sessions, and also performs compliance monitoring and workplace inspections.

Because their customers and their needs are always changing, PSCI required a documentation method as flexible and adaptable as their business. They knew they wanted to “get into the new age” rather than being “stuck in the 80’s paper processes,” says Cutrone. What made Corfix the right choice for PSCI was how customizable it is; in particular, the ability to quickly and easily build forms designed for specific clients and situations.

If you took the best aspects from all those platforms and combined them together into one tool,
you’ve got Corfix.

With other platforms, creating the sort of targeted and tailored form templates required was either complicated, not an option, or (maybe worst of all) could only be made by the providers. This meant going through the process of requesting a custom form and waiting on the company, a painfully slow process for an agile business to be dependent on.

With Corfix, it was “teaching me how to fish, versus here’s a fish for now. I was shown how to manipulate and revise my documents as I bring on new clients, new sites. I don’t have to wait, I can do it myself when I’m good and ready, at no extra cost,” says Cutrone.

In addition to the freedom to create their own documentation, PSCI appreciates having a polished and professional final product to pass along to their customers. “That crisp, clean PDF with pictures, it’s a nice looking document. The documentation I’m handing off to my clients is a great looking product.”

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