Showing the photos feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Task Tracking and Progress Monitoring

Custom Dashboards: Stay updated with a glance. Our custom dashboards highlight incomplete tasks, keeping them front-and-center until they’re done.

Task Notifications: Send detailed requests and get notified upon completion. This keeps everyone aligned and informed about project task progress.

Real-Time Updates: Know what’s happening at every step. Tasks include essential details like due dates, priorities, and responsible employees.

Showing the critical data feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Resource Management

Digital Paper Trail: Each worker’s profile includes forms they’ve signed and tasks they’ve been assigned, which can be reviewed from anywhere.

Time Tracking: Tracking construction labour hours is easy, accurate, and automated with custom features and punch-in and -out reminders.

Stay Organized: Create groups and filters to organize workers by crew, subtrades, locations, divisions, territories, or projects. View active workers in the field with one click.

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Showing the Form Builder feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Document and File Management

Digital Safety Forms: Your safety forms can be electronically sent, received, and accessed by those who need them, when they need them.

Electronic Signatures: Your construction documents can be electronically signed by anyone in the field, including external contractors.

Form Builders: Easily generate custom templates to digitize any paper documents in the field, from inspection checklists to safety forms.

Corfix task notes function UI

Communication and Collaboration

Two-way Communication: Eliminate confusion and misunderstandings with a written record— completed tasks can include photos and forms to confirm completion or to communicate any issues that arise.

Digital Binders: Digital project binders ensure manuals, blueprints, and safety plans are on hand when they are needed. Data accessibility helps unify your team by promoting transparency.

Real-Time Updates: Project documents are updated in real-time, giving you a dynamic look at what’s happening at every step. Know what is outstanding and what has been completed with simple dashboards with the KPIs you’re interested in.

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Your complex, multi-solution processes are not cutting it. Corfix was designed for the complexities and realities of managing construction projects. Easily keep track of labour, tasks, certifications, and safety forms all in one place.

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