Showing the Punch Clock feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Time Tracking Across Sites

Our construction time clock software allows you to manage employee hours across different construction sites, different roles, and different rates of pay.

Easily customizable with optional Geofencing, automatic lunch removal, punch-in and -out reminders, and more. Save time on payroll by easily exporting all time tracking data to your payroll software.

Showing the Timecards feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Bulk Entry for Supervisors

A mobile-friendly, electronic version of the time clocks you’re used to. The app allows construction supervisors to bulk add time cards for a batch of workers, right on their phone.

Entry can be done day-by-day, or at the end of the week, as best fits your needs.

Track worker attendance with the click of a button. Cost codes can be created to better organize and track what construction work is being performed in the field.

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Corfix Key payroll software provider integrations

Integration with Payroll Software

Corfix has strategically partnered with key software providers to integrate our time clock app with your construction payroll software.

Reduce your payroll time and costs by eliminating manual entry, lost paper, and human error. Easily identify time theft and inconsistencies in entering hours.

Corfix Time Clock Software is for you if…

With time clocks in the same app as their daily safety documents, Corfix makes it effortless for your workers to stay on top of their labour hours

Don’t we all? Corfix will calculate worker hours even when they’re on multiple sites, in different roles, and getting paid different rates

Punch-in and -out reminders will make sure hours are entered in real time

Use GPS technology to ensure hours are entered accurately

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