Corfix task management user interface

Task Assignment and Tracking

Dispatch with Ease: Assign tasks to any worker, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or on the field, Corfix Tasks ensures that your instructions flow to your crew instantly.

Custom Dashboards: Stay updated with a glance. Our custom dashboards highlight incomplete tasks, keeping them front-and-center until they’re done.

Task-Specific Notifications: Send detailed requests and get notified upon completion. This keeps everyone aligned and informed about workflow progress.

Streamline your Workflow

Automated Task Triggers: Instantly create tasks using predefined triggers in Templates, ideal for routine actions like corrective and preventative measures. When Forms are filled out meeting set criteria, a follow-up task is automatically generated, so issues are dealt with effortlessly.

Customizable Task Types: Easily categorize tasks into types like “Corrective” or “Preventative,” or create custom types for tailored task management. Bring an organized structure to your task management, allowing for better oversight.

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Corfix task notes function UI

Enhanced Communication and Accountability

Two-Way Communication Log: Foster accountability with a log that records every interaction. Workers can add notes, ensuring a two-way flow of information.

Resolution Forms: Link tasks with resolution forms to provide clear evidence of completion. This feature increases accountability and ensures that every task is completed to your standards.

Real-Time Updates: Know what’s happening at every step. Tasks include essential details like due dates, priorities, and responsible employees.

screenshot of the task function in Corfix and the ability to add photos

A Single Source of Truth

Written Records: Avoid misunderstandings with a clear, written record of every assigned task and completed action. This creates a single source of truth for all jobsite activities.

Proof of Completion: With the ability to attach pictures or forms to tasks, you can visually verify completion, providing an extra layer of trust and transparency.

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