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Eliminate paper in the field

All of your essential documents in one easy-to-use software. Real-time accessibility for those who need them, when they need them.

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Improve regulatory compliance

Organized and easily accessible safety forms means you’ll always be prepared for those unexpected compliance audits.

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Manage jobsite health & safety

Real-time reporting of injuries, incidents, near misses, and equipment issues so you can react to problems sooner.

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Connect projects, workers & docs

You can link forms, tasks, people, hours, and more to a project, giving real-time snapshot of a project’s health.

Corfix was built with you in mind.

Construction Workers

The user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility of Corfix make it suitable for on-site construction workers who need to access and manage documents and certifications.

Safety Managers

With a strong emphasis on safety documentation and compliance, Corfix is well-suited for safety managers looking to maintain and monitor safety standards on construction sites.

Payroll Administrators

Our time tracking and payroll management features make it a good fit for payroll administrators in construction companies.

Jobsite Supervisors

We focus on making jobsite management simpler, appealing to site managers and supervisors who handle day-to-day operations on construction sites.

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Corfix is the best solution for construction management

Corfix is particularly well-suited for construction sites looking for a comprehensive tool that not only manages safety documentation but also enhances overall jobsite productivity and compliance.