Lighthouse HSE to Corfix Transition

You fill out the form at the top of the page and choose a convenient time to talk with our Lighthouse migration expert, Kerri de Sa. She’ll show you our product, and demonstrate how it can seamlessly replace your current software. You love it, we sign a contract, and your worries are over.

Our tech wizards work their behind-the-scenes magic and transport the data from your old software to your new and improved one. We have experience migrating customers from legacy software including e-compliance and Procore, so we’ll make this painless.

While Step 2 happens, you’re experiencing the best on-boarding experience the industry has to offer courtesy of our celebrated Customer Success Team. You’ll get a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business and your needs, and help you transition to Corfix. You’ll be ready for roll-out in no time.

In the words of Ludacris, you’re ready to “Roll out! Roll out!”

Showing the signatures feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Digital Construction Forms

  • Access and create documents from a mobile app.
  • Send, sign, and file all forms from anywhere in real-time.
  • Multi-language support.
  • QR codes can be created to make access even easier.
  • Bulk export capabilities.
  • Forms can be signed by external personnel via email.
Showing the Punch Clock feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Electronic Time Tracking

  • Easily customizable with optional Geofencing, automatic lunch removal, punch-in and -out reminders, and more.
  • Export data to your payroll software.
  • Track employee hours across different construction sites, different roles, and different rates of pay.
  • Electronic time cards can be added in bulk.
Showing expiring certificates in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Accessible Certifications

  • Access and manage certifications from a mobile app.
  • Get notified about any upcoming expirations.
  • Upload photos of your completed certifications from your phone.
  • Easily accessible in case of third-party inspections or audits.
Digital construction binder screen in the Corfix construction management mobile app and software

Digital Binders

  • All important project information in one place.
  • Updates to digital binders can be made remotely and immediately within the app.
  • Integrates with your favourite day-to-day tools like Google Sheets, Adobe PDFs, and Microsoft Excel.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

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A Great Customer Experience

“Easy to use, onboarding was a breeze, 100% on customer service, hands down one of the best apps out there.”

— Jessie, Safety Manager in US

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A Stress-free Transition

“The Corfix team worked with our team to make the transition as smooth as possible. They were always available to help and were never short on answers. Could not have asked for a better onboarding team.”

— Glen, Site Supervisor in Canada

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End-to-End Satisfaction

“From preliminary meetings to the on-boarding process, the Corfix team has excelled. The product is extremely easy to access and use.”

— Nikolaus, Health and Safety Manager in Canada

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With You Every Step of the Way

“The customer service is exceptional. A representative is there start to finish, and they really push to keep you on schedule during onboarding. Even the live chat is great, they have been very helpful and the help is immediate.”

— Kim, HR Manager in Canada

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