What Corfix does

Corfix is a comprehensive construction safety and project management system that connects job site workers to office staff for a seamless, paperless experience. It offers real-time form completion, GPS-enabled timekeeping, remote project oversight, and a simple system to identify areas of non-compliance.

What eCompliance does

eCompliance is a health and safety management software designed to enhance workplace safety across various industries. It focuses on incident management, compliance tracking, and safety training for a variety of industries.

Key Capabilities of Corfix

Corfix shines in its comprehensive approach to jobsite management. It’s designed by former construction workers, which means it addresses the practical, on-the-ground needs of the industry.

By combining these three pillars of construction management in a  single software, Corfix not only enhances productivity but also ensures regulatory compliance.

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Time tracking

Punch clock and time cards on mobile, hours automatically calculated and shared, and integrated with your payroll software.

Project Management

All your project essentials in one place, including contacts, task assignment, linked forms and labour, and jobsite logbooks.

Document Management

From toolbox talks and incident reports to certification records and blueprints, all your paper processes are in the cloud and instantly accessible.

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It’s nice to have our safety program and timekeeping all in one app. It helps hold everyone accountable.

Cassie, Office Administrator, Agassiez

Feature comparison

Feature Corfix eCompliance
Time Tracking
Large Document Uploads
Auto-fill + "copyable" Forms
Native QR Code Generator
External Signer Portal
Live Customer Support
COR Certified Template Gallery
Custom Template Building
Certification Management
Task Management
Analytics / Reporting Dashboard *
Mobile Offline Mode
Multilingual Capabilities
  1. *  Feature available at additional cost.

What sets Corfix apart

mobile construction management app showing the punch clock and time cards feature

Time tracking

Corfix offers mobile-friendly time tracking that simplifies logging hours for workers and managing payroll across different projects and sites. This is particularly useful in construction where projects are often spread across multiple locations and require precise tracking of labor hours.

With added features like Geofencing, GPS tracking, punch-in and -out reminders, and face ID, as well as the ability to integrate with your payroll and accounting software, Corfix is a total time solution.

eCompliance does not currently offer time tracking or accounting integrations.

I was able to consolidate both timekeeping and safety/checklists into one software which made it easy for my employees.

Chyloe, Owner in Canada
mobile construction management app showing the form feature

Forms & Templates

Corfix offers a drag-and-drop custom template builder that allows users to digitally reproduce any document, including the creation of custom forms. This feature is particularly beneficial for construction companies that often require specialized documentation tailored to their specific project needs.

For construction companies looking for the flexibility to create and manage custom forms, Corfix provides a more direct and tailored solution.

The best feature is the ease with which you can fill up forms. The creation of forms is also easy.

Linda, Administrator in Canada

Corfix is the Best Solution for Construction Management

Corfix offers a more tailored solution that addresses specific construction-related challenges. eCompliance features are more generalized to suit various types of workplaces that require safety management – not tailored to the specific needs and workflows of the construction industry.

Our solution it particularly well-suited for the complex needs of construction project management.

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