What Corfix does

Corfix is a comprehensive construction safety and project management system that connects job site workers to office staff for a seamless, paperless experience.

Corfix is more specialized, focusing on jobsite management, safety, and document management, appealing to roles directly involved in on-site operations and compliance.

What Procore does

Procore is a construction management software offering tools for preconstruction, project management, and financial management.

Procore targets a broader audience in the construction industry with its comprehensive tools for larger projects like financial planning, bid management, and RFI process management.

Corfix vs. Procore Typical Users

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Corfix was built with you in mind.

Construction Workers

The user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility of Corfix make it suitable for on-site construction workers who need to access and manage documents and certifications.

Safety Managers

With a strong emphasis on safety documentation and compliance, Corfix is well-suited for safety managers looking to maintain and monitor safety standards on construction sites.

Payroll Administrators

Our time tracking and payroll management features make it a good fit for payroll administrators in construction companies.

Jobsite Supervisors

We focus on making jobsite management simpler, appealing to site managers and supervisors who handle day-to-day operations on construction sites.

What others are saying...

Corfix received Capterra’s Best Ease of Use and Best Value for a software product in 2023.

Ease of use 4.7 4.4
Customer service 4.9 4.6
Features 4.6 4.3
Value for money 4.8 4.1

Key Capabilities of Corfix

Corfix shines in its intuitive, field-first approach to jobsite management. It’s designed by former construction workers, which means it addresses the practical, on-the-ground needs of the industry. It is first and foremost a user-friendly tool, with everything you need and not a button more. 

It’s built to fit your business, and that includes the price tag.

Our Leading Features

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Mobile Time tracking

This feature allows workers to log their hours easily from their mobile device, facilitating payroll management across different projects and sites. Hours are tracked against projects, and integrated with accounting software.

Document Management

Safety and project management forms can be created, sent, and signed from mobile devices or desktop computers, ensuring real-time accessibility and safe document storage. Choose from the extensive template library or use the simple drag-and-drop template builder for your custom forms.

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Certification Management

The software keeps essential construction safety certifications linked to each worker profile, allowing for easy verification, sharing, and updates with expiration notifications.

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Our Solution for Jobsite Pain

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Better Audit Preparedness

With features like certification management and digital document handling, Corfix helps construction projects stay compliant with relevant safety regulations and industry standards.

Expiration dates for certifications are automatically tracked so you’re never caught with an invalid certification— and everyone from the field to the office has access to a copy in case of a third-party inspection.

Digital construction binder screen in the Corfix construction management mobile app and software

Prioritizing Jobsite Safety

By focusing on easier document management and accessibility, Corfix contributes to elevating jobsite safety. This is achieved through better management of safety protocols, certifications, and timely access to safety-related documents.

Real-time access to reports of injuries, incidents, near misses, and equipment issues can help management monitor and react to health & safety problems sooner.

Showing the signatures feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Efficiency in Document Handling

The pain point of managing, storing, and retrieving physical documents in a fast-paced construction environment is addressed by Corfix’s digital document management system.

By providing real-time access to documents, Corfix ensures that all stakeholders have easy and timely access to important information when they need it.

Corfix is the Best Solution for Jobsite Document Management

While both Corfix and Procore offer robust solutions for construction safety and document management, Corfix stands out for its user-friendly and flexible design, built for the field worker and end user.

With a more streamlined interface, lower barrier to adoption, and extensive customization options, Corfix is the tool construction workers prefer. Corfix is also affordable, with a pricing structure that is more advantageous for smaller companies.

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