Showing the critical data feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Connected and accessible data

Store critical workforce data, including contact info, emergency contacts, medical concerns, and certifications in one place.

Each worker’s digital paper trail, including forms they’ve signed and tasks they’ve been assigned, is available on the worker overview.

mobile construction management app showing the punch clock and time cards feature

Accurate time tracking

Seamlessly manage employee hours across different construction sites, different roles, and different rates of pay.

Track worker attendance with the click of a button. Cost codes can be created to better organize and track what construction work is being performed in the field.

Showing the workers feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

Field and office synchronization

Activate or archive workers instantly. New hires or layoffs take effect immediately, granting or withdrawing access to essential company information.

Accounts for seasonal workers can be temporarily suspended so you never lose worker data.

See Corfix in action

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Showing the worker groups feature in the Corfix construction document management mobile app

What you want, how you want it

Create groups to organize workers by crew, subtrades, locations, divisions, territories, or projects.

You can then filter by any criteria – with one click you can see all active workers in the field, mapped out.

Corfix task notes function UI

Easy productivity tracking

Track workforce productivity in one place and ensure your project is on schedule. Get notified upon task completion and stay up-to-date with custom dashboards.

Manage corrective and preventative task types with automated workflows and notifications.

Corfix is the best solution for workforce management

Your manual processes and multi-step solutions are not cutting it. Corfix was designed for the complexities and realities of the jobsite, including workforce management. Easily keep track of labour, tasks, certifications, and safety forms all in one place.

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